5 Tips for choosing a carpet cleaning company

Posted By Kai Stanley on Jul 9, 2015 |

A clean carpet creates a good impression of a clean household. A carpet can be cleaned through both modern and traditional methods. Traditional methods are cheap than modern methods though they do not guarantee hygiene as the modern techniques. Stream cleaning is an industrial cleaning process of carpet cleaning where hot water mixed with cleaning chemical is flushed over the carpet while vacuuming at the same time. This method is perhaps the most effective method of cleaning though it may damage man-made carpets that are woven from sisal and other fibers such as the papyrus. Below are five tips for choosing a local carpet cleaning company.

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decontamination_process1. Take into consideration the cleaning process.

Some companies use wet cleaning method while cleaning your carpet and this may require a reasonable span of time for the carpet to dry up. This means that you can walk away with your carpet immediately the cleaning is complete because there must be time allocated to let the carpet to dry. Though, there are other companies that prefer “dry” treatments which may allow you to walk on once the cleaning is complete. Some cleaning processes use very powerful cleaning chemicals while other process use environmental friendly and not so harsh chemicals. You should choose the method of cleaning that works the best for you family and your home in general.

2. Do a proper research of the prospective companies.

Before making a hiring decision, you need to do thorough investigation on the prospective cleaning companies. Make consultations from your friend and neighbors about the best carpet cleaning company. Alternatively you can check online reviews on some sites such as Angie’s List. When you have a list of some of the companies you are interested in, refer to figure out what previous customers have to say of the services rendered by the companies. After you have done this you will have a company that you are interested with.3. Enquire about the average cost of cleaning.

It is everyone’s will to save some few cents where necessary. Before choosing a carpet cleaning company, consider the prices the company charges for its services. You should not choose a company that you feel is overcharging you. All the same you should not try to choose the cheapest company because the services offered may be of poor quality. Choose the company which renders its services at fair prices that you can settle with budgetary strains.

carpet14. Enquire about services included.

The quoted price advertised by a carpet cleaning company is just a gross price and is not inclusive of other services. When the company cleans your carpet in the house they may need to move furniture and this service is not included in the quoted price. They may also clean your stairs and dust your walls and furniture. Ask about these services at how much they cost before choosing a carpet cleaning company.

5. Take into consideration the employees.

If you prefer your carpet to be cleaned at home, it means the company will assign some of its employees the duty to come and do the cleaning in your house. These means you are letting strangers into your house. You should choose a company that performs criminal background checks and frisks its employees. Choose a company that is liable for any damage or loss caused by its employees.