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A spilled glass of wine can wreak havoc on the aesthetic beauty of your flooring and furnishings. Although you can undo the actions that led to the spill, you can certainly undo the damages. Learning how to remove red wine stains from upholstery will help you preserve more of your cherished items. Best of all, it is often possible to remove these stains with simple, household items that most people already have in the pantry.

If the mess looks like it needs some professional attention then don’t hesitate to contact a carpet cleaning company. Even if that is the case, however, anything you can do immediately after the spillage can be helpful and may make the later job much easier.

It is important to clear up all of the excess liquid before you try to implement a stain treatment. This will limit the surface area of the affected space so that there is far less fabric for you to treat. Instead of using a towel to vigorously scrub your furniture, grab a handful of paper towels. These can the be used to blot the spill up gently. Use the first few paper towels to sop up the mess. These will come away fully saturated. Then can gently place a small amount of pressure onto the stain. Too much pressure could cause the stain to move even deeper into the fabric, where it can repeatedly bleed back through to the surface.

Lay the damaged item on its side so that you can apply various solutions to it without having these roll right back off. This is especially important if the stain is on the side of a chair that has to be treated vertically. Next, cover the area with as much salt as you possibly can. You will be able to see the colour from the wine leaching into the salt. The salt will draw the wine up until it looks like a lumpy, purple mass of clumps. This can then be brushed away with a dust pan and a whisk broom.

You will then need to apply more table salt. If there is too little moisture in the upholstered item for the salt to draw up, cover the salt and the fabric in club soda. You will need to sweep up the clumps of salt once they are doing drawing this moisture up and then repeat the process until the stain has faded. Always make sure that you are using cold club soda for this purpose. If you do not have cold club soda on hand, try using ice cubes to chill it. You can even place the ice cubes right on top of the spill along with the salt and soda.

red wine stain

Salt is very effective for breaking up discoloration. It can also be used in conjunction with baking soda. Baking soda helps to draw moisture out of carpeted and otherwise surfaces much like salt and it also has strong deodorizing properties. Those who drink wine in the home should always have a bit of salt, baking soda and club soda on hand for dealing with red wine emergencies.

In addition to drawing moisture out and away from treated areas, salt also breaks down the staining abilities of red wine. This means that you will soon be able to use other cleaning agents without fear of causing the stain to set. The away should be extremely wet and leaving it in this condition can result in mould and mildew development along with strong odours.

If you have a shop vac or handheld carpet cleaner at home, use it to suck up any remaining debris and moisture once the final application of salt has done its job. The stain will have faded considerably by this time. Spritz the area with a stain removal solution and allow this to sit. You can then shampoo the affected fabric so that it looks and smells like new.

There are some special considerations that you should make when using this method to lift out wine stains. Foremost among these are the recommendations of product manufacturers. Check the tags on your upholstered items or refer to user manuals or any online resources that contain care instructions. It may be the manufacturer has another, recommended method for addressing these problems that is specific to the type of fabric that is in place.

It is additionally important to find a stain removal solution that is specific to your needs. The wrong product can do far more harm than good. Certain formulas are ideal for dark, deep stains that are stubborn, and these are the ones that you should use. Finally, it is important to remember that prevention is always the best method when it comes to keeping upholstered items clean. Before problems like these occur, consider using a stain guard to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface of your upholstered items. You can even apply a stain guard once this problem has been resolved, and the area has dried.

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A dull and dirty carpet can bring the look of the whole home down. It can make everything seem drab. The sofa looks sad and the curtains are crying out to be kept away from that filthy floor. It’s clear that something needs to be done.

So, what are your options? Well, you can ignore it, but we all know how fruitless that is once you’ve noticed that something is amiss. You can try and clean it yourself, but this will take both time and effort. Or, you can bring in the pros and get your carpet back to its former glory in no time at all.

carpet cleaning in Edinburgh - clean living room

Here are three reasons why the latter option is always the way to go:

1) The right tools for the job

In order to do a thorough job you are going to need a certain amount of equipment to get the finish that you want. Sure, you can always go and buy a carpet cleaner and some chemicals that you have no idea how to handle, but there are some problems here.

Firstly there’s the cost. Buying a machine for a once in a blue moon job like cleaning your carpets is probably not the wisest of moves, and hiring one runs the risk of getting a machine so old and battered that it is no longer up to the task. If you do end up buying one, there’s the storage to consider; where on earth are you going to store this new beast that you have brought into your home when the cupboards are already fit to burst?

Another thing to bear in mind is the quality of the machine. Although TV adverts show people cleaning carpets (usually ones that are already pretty darn clean) with ease, these carpet cleaners are generally of a far lower quality than those of the professionals. This means that the clean that you can perform yourself will always be less impressive than that of a professional company, regardless of how long you take over the job.

Trusting the experts is important is your business depends on the job being done quickly as well as efficiently. End of tenancy cleaning services offer landlords and property managers the chance to rapidly turn-around properties between tenants with the minimum of drying time. This helps minimise lost rental revenue, prolongs the life of the carpets and makes a good impression for the new occupiers.

2) Damage

Doing the job yourself runs a certain amount of risk. What happens if you use the wrong chemical for your type of carpet? How about if you end up making the carpet so wet it will never dry out? Say the carpet shrinks or ends up with streaks across its surface, who’s responsible for putting it right? The short answer is – you are!

All reputable carpet cleaning companies will have insurance in place should the nightmare scenario arise. As they are professionals who do this job day in, day out, this is unlikely, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you are covered if it does.

carpet cleaning equipment

3) Convenience

Cleaning a carpet is not an easy or a quick job, especially if you are not experienced. You will need to plan out a time when you are not doing anything else and give up a day to complete the task. You’ll also need to shift all the furniture yourself and prep everything ready for cleaning.

By using a professional cleaning company you can plan around, instead of for, your carpet cleaning. Need someone to come at the weekend? No problem. Maybe an early weekday morning would be better as there’s no one around during the day? Again, this is something that a good cleaning firm will be happy to accommodate.

Having a cleaning firm come in and take care of your carpets will give you the freedom to continue your life and get on with the things you want to do. Leave the cleaning to someone else; give the professionals a call.

Professional carpet cleaning in Edinburgh

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twocleanersmsmaidIf you happen to be a house owner in Edinburgh then you will have carpets in most parts of your house particularly the living room (a place that receives the footfall). Now when you have guests over they usually come in with shoes which mean they will bring in a lot of bacteria. In the long run this could actually damage your carpet.

To stop your carpet from being ruined it will require regular cleaning. Cleaning carpets can be a very tedious job indeed as it takes hours and if you are not good at it then you can simply look for a good carpet cleaning agency that will clean the carpets for you .

There are many carpet cleaning companies out there but the truth is that not all of them are good. So you have to select a company with a degree of caution.

How to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Company in Edinburgh

  • The best way is the old fashioned way, so you can start by striking up a conversation with your neighbours and you can ask them where they get their carpets cleaned from. If your neighbors recommend certain names then you should start checking their credentials right away. This will also give you more than a glimpse into the track records of the carpet cleaning company.
  • Whatever you do you must not select a company that only offers a basic cleaning service as it will not be enough to clean your carpet. The basic cleaning simply involves extraction and water and that is not good enough. Select a company that uses certain chemicals to get a deep wash. You should know that basic cleaning techniques can sometimes do more harm than good to your carpet.
  • There is no doubt that certain carpet cleaning companies can charge a lot of money for the cleaning services so if you feel that it is within your budget then simply use the internet to locate other companies. On the internet you will find tons of companies that offer carpet cleaning services for very reasonable money. In fact the good thing is that these companies post their prices which make it easier for the customers to decide.
  • Once you have chosen a particular company make sure you ask questions related to cleaning. This way you will gain a lot of knowledge and besides you should know what is being done to your carpet. Make sure that the company you hire uses a deodorizer on the carpet. You do not want a clean carpet that smells of chemicals. Using a deodorizer will help to get rid of any pungent smell from the carpet.
  • Ask the company for references of existing customers so that you can decide whether to use the company’s service. Also select a company that will refund money to you in case of any damage sustained during the cleaning process.


It is no secret that these companies can make the process of cleaning the carpet much easier for you. Most of the companies use sophisticated tools to clean the carpet.

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A clean carpet creates a good impression of a clean household. A carpet can be cleaned through both modern and traditional methods. Traditional methods are cheap than modern methods though they do not guarantee hygiene as the modern techniques. Stream cleaning is an industrial cleaning process of carpet cleaning where hot water mixed with cleaning chemical is flushed over the carpet while vacuuming at the same time. This method is perhaps the most effective method of cleaning though it may damage man-made carpets that are woven from sisal and other fibers such as the papyrus. Below are five tips for choosing a local carpet cleaning company.

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decontamination_process1. Take into consideration the cleaning process.

Some companies use wet cleaning method while cleaning your carpet and this may require a reasonable span of time for the carpet to dry up. This means that you can walk away with your carpet immediately the cleaning is complete because there must be time allocated to let the carpet to dry. Though, there are other companies that prefer “dry” treatments which may allow you to walk on once the cleaning is complete. Some cleaning processes use very powerful cleaning chemicals while other process use environmental friendly and not so harsh chemicals. You should choose the method of cleaning that works the best for you family and your home in general.

2. Do a proper research of the prospective companies.

Before making a hiring decision, you need to do thorough investigation on the prospective cleaning companies. Make consultations from your friend and neighbors about the best carpet cleaning company. Alternatively you can check online reviews on some sites such as Angie’s List. When you have a list of some of the companies you are interested in, refer to figure out what previous customers have to say of the services rendered by the companies. After you have done this you will have a company that you are interested with.3. Enquire about the average cost of cleaning.

It is everyone’s will to save some few cents where necessary. Before choosing a carpet cleaning company, consider the prices the company charges for its services. You should not choose a company that you feel is overcharging you. All the same you should not try to choose the cheapest company because the services offered may be of poor quality. Choose the company which renders its services at fair prices that you can settle with budgetary strains.

carpet14. Enquire about services included.

The quoted price advertised by a carpet cleaning company is just a gross price and is not inclusive of other services. When the company cleans your carpet in the house they may need to move furniture and this service is not included in the quoted price. They may also clean your stairs and dust your walls and furniture. Ask about these services at how much they cost before choosing a carpet cleaning company.

5. Take into consideration the employees.

If you prefer your carpet to be cleaned at home, it means the company will assign some of its employees the duty to come and do the cleaning in your house. These means you are letting strangers into your house. You should choose a company that performs criminal background checks and frisks its employees. Choose a company that is liable for any damage or loss caused by its employees.

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